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IDENTITY is a docuseries exploring the silent epidemic

of depression, addiction and suicide in the world of competitive sports.

We will begin with an in-depth look at the making of the human identity, in particular the identity of an athlete. We will be introduced to athletes at all phases of their careers, including some preparing for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and explore the roots of identity, our achievement based society, the commodification of athletes and role of social media, the stigma around brain health and the lack of recognition and support, both during and into retirement, from sports governing bodies. Blending fast paced training and game day footage, along with quiet moments of reflection and discovery, the series will create a balanced and dynamic visual ride that will carry the viewers on an emotional and educational journey alongside some of their favorite sporting idols.


Conversational interview elements will be captured both on-the-go and in the quiet of the athletes homes creating a safe space for them to open up giving the film an organic, in the moment, energy. Coupled with staggering statistics and cutting edge research from some of the world’s top brain health, neurology and psychology experts, as well as hard hitting questions asked of some of the most influential individuals in some of the world’s sports governing bodies, IDENTITY will tackle athletic identity, human identity and brain health from all sides.


The series will travel the globe, capturing athletes from multiple countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia and the U.K., demonstrating the worldwide problem and global appeal of the topic. Captured over the course of a year, the series will watch the transformation in real time as many of these athletes continue in their athletic pursuits balancing their careers, sporting ambitions and personal brain health while others navigate the difficult transition away from life as a sporting hero.


IDENTITY will shine a light on the issues, ask the hard questions, face head on our "what do you do" culture and address the stigma around brain health in athletes. By changing the conversation around brain health in the world’s sporting idols, IDENTITY will start to change the conversation around brain health, human identity and achievement in society as a whole.

Special Thanks:   Caroline Burckle, Jontel Evans, Jack Roach, Rebecca Soni, Kim Vandenberg, Robin Scholefield, Nicholas Lam, Peyton Skelton, Victor Borachuk, Shane Osgood, Meg Hutchinson, The Schulz Family, Mark Jeffries & Jennifer Tetrick, Susan & Stewart Given,  The Murphy Family.


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