(A few)

Every athlete has a story, their own unique journey, filled with ups, downs

and everything in between, but one thing these athletes all have in common is

their desire to change the culture and conversation around brain health in sport.

Together their stories, their experiences, will start a conversation and

impact real change for athletes both during and after their athletic careers. 

...Michael Phelps, Misty Hyman, Andy Baddeley, Fabiola Molina, Betsey Armstrong, Kristen Pratt, Katie McCafferty, Rich Clune, Rachel Flinn, Isaiah Wilkins, Lila Meesseman-Bakir, Aaron Piersol, Tyler Parsons, Bruno Fratus, Christina Kim, Gracie Gold, Lanesha Raegan, Brandon Marshall, Aubrey Huff, Mike Tyson, Emmitt Smith, Edgar Martinez, Ben Zobrist, Allison Schmitt, Amanda Beard, Jerry West, Joey Votto, Dan Carcillo, Andrew Jensen, Landon Donovan, Shannon Miller, Picabo Street, Demar Derozan, Rick Ankiel, Jordan Spieth... (and many many more). 

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