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The goal of IDENTITY is to gather and share the stories and perspectives of some of the worlds greatest sporting icons, alongside dozens of lesser known athletes, as a catalyst for larger change. We hope to start a conversation that will not end, but rather simply begin, with the release of the series.


Change the conversation around brain health in athletes and we start to change the conversation around brain health in the world. Real change starts with developing programs worldwide where discussions about identity and brain health can start at a young age. 


By forming a social enterprise IDENTITY will impact meaningful change and provide continuous support to programs and schools working to change the stigma around brain health and to end the epidemic in athletes. The company, SPORT SPEAKS, will help to keep the conversation going long after the docuseries is released.


By building a community where athletes can share their stories and connect with one another the website will become a safe place to share, learn, listen and find the right resources for healing. Athletes will have the opportunity to connect with other athletes and to become mentors for the next generation. These platforms will become an on-going home for athletes, coaches and experts and foundations to share information and stories to continue the conversation, as the culture shifts and progress is made.


An on-going podcast will offer opportunities to continue to speak with top athletes and health professionals as well as to spotlight some of the companies and people making major moves in the brain health space. 


Bi-Annual summits for high school, collegiate, olympic and professional athletes to provide them with resources, tools, community and support in transitioning out of sport. The two to three day programs will offer insight from top CEO's, professionals in the health and wellness space, as well as workshops (eg. resume writing, interviewing, meditation) and opportunities for the athletes to connect and share their experiences. 


By working with large governing bodies like the NCAA, USOC, UK Sport, AIS, NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS we will push for changes like:

- mandatory brain health screenings and regular support

- mandatory regulations on sports psychologists, both in number and credentials, at all Universities and within all major sporting organizations

- mandatory pre-graduation seminars for all NCAA athletes

- transitional support for athletes moving beyond sport including seminars and advisors

- develop a new dialogue for coaches and parents of young athletes working with the youth arms of entities like USA Swimming, USA Lacrosse, USA Soccer etc.

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