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The Docuseries

What happens when what you do

becomes who you are?

Identity follows athletes from a variety of sports, at various levels, and at different stages of their careers, globally. We will explore the roots of human athletic identity, the effects of living in an achievement-based culture, the commodification of athletes, the stigma around brain health, and the lack of recognition and support from the world's largest sports governing bodies.

1-in-4 NCAA athletes is depressed. And yet, nobody talks about it.

Every four years the world slows down and all eyes are focused solely on sport. While the rest of the world sees gold medals, we see an opportunity to save lives, to show the world what's happening in sport when the lights aren't shining.

Household names like Kevin Love, Naomi Osaka and Rhonda Rousey open up alongside other professional athletes, Olympians, former and current collegiate standouts and child prodigies as the series shines a light on, and starts a conversation to spark change around, the silent epidemic of depression, addiction and suicide in the world of competitive sports.


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